First Four Weeks in Business

It took a while but on the 8th September Cakes & Cardies officially opened for business and four weeks later I have many things to be excited about. It’s been a busy four weeks, not with baking but with lots of costings, ingredients hunting down and buying, website tweaking and much more. And I thought I was pretty organised before I started! But it has been interesting, never two days the same, everyday a school day!

But there has been some baking and if you have been following me on the Twitter and Facebook machines then you will know that I have supplied cakes to a local café. This happened quite randomly. The day before the official launch my husband and I went for lunch at a local café in Nunhead called Bambuni. This is a wonderful café/deli that does lovely lunches and sell cakes. As I was paying for lunch I asked the guy where they got their cakes from and explained that I was starting a cake making business. He was very nice, helpful and encouraging. He suggested that I bring in a sample cake and they would try it out! I left my card and we wandered home.

Being me I spent most of the week talking myself out of going back with a cake, he didn’t mean it, he was just humouring me…..But I had a word with myself and on the following Friday I made a rosewater sandwich cake with pistachio buttercream and hopped on the P12 to Nunhead. I was nervous and didn’t think he would remember me but he did. He asked about costings/sizes etc and said that he would be in touch.

A week went by and I hadn’t heard anything, but the owner was away so I didn’t expect to here anything that week. On the following Tuesday I took my courage in my hands and called them, they had lost my card! Simon said that he would call me back in a while once he had sorted out what he needed, sounded promising. And it was, 20 minutes later I had an order for a 10inch rosewater cake and a 10inch chocolate potato cake to be delivered Thursday morning! I was elated, they liked my cake and then I started worrying.

After a fairly sleepless night on Wednesday I was up at 5am (might as well be doing something rather than lying awake thinking!) and four hours later I delivered my first order.


I got a bit creative with my palate knife here but I think it worked!


And guess what? I got a call this Tuesday from Simon ordering the same for this Thursday! He said that they had sold them both by the end of the weekend and had had good feedback from the customers. Happy doesn’t describe how I felt. What a great start. And it is only the start but suddenly I feel like it all might have been worth it, this might just work!!

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