Inside Out Malteser Cake


After testing the malteser cake when my nieces were over I had a commission for one for a birthday cake last weekend. The test showed that the icing needed a bit more malt flavouring. It was ok on it’s own but when you tasted it with the chocolate cake it sort of faded away. So the only tweak to the birthday cake was to add about another 10g of Horlicks to the icing, not a huge amount but it made all the difference.

This version was also completely covered in the icing and decorated with crushed maltesers on the edge of the cake with one whole malteser popped in the middle, just in case you didn’t know this was a malteser cake!


So, that’s a chocolate sandwich cake with malt buttercream decorated with crushed maltesers, chocolate on the inside, malt on the outside! Apparently the cake went down very well with the birthday girl, job done.


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