Cakes & Cardies Closes


Just read my last post on the site and it was to celebrate my first year in business! I guess the lack of posts since then is some indication of what happened in the interim. As the post says Cakes & Cardies has now closed. I gave it a good try but it was not to be. There are many reasons why it didn’t work but in the end it was about me and my abilities to go out there and sell myself and the business.

I guess not everyone is built to run their own business and I’m one of them and it’s a good thing to learn about yourself. I’m glad I gave it go otherwise I would have always wondered “what if”, now I know the answer!

I will continue to bake, knit and crochet and hopefully keep blogging about my exploits. Thanks to everyone for their support and business over the last 18 months its been great fun, challenging and a learning experience.

PS the picture is my last cake, a tank cake for an 18th birthday!

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4 thoughts on “Cakes & Cardies Closes

  1. Hi,
    I popped into The Ivy House last night for the first time and my eyes landed straight on your carrot cake. It was delicious!! I mentioned how good it was to the barmaid who told me it was the last cake they were serving of yours, so I thought to myself I must tell you how good your baking skills are! Good luck with everything.

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