Retro Cassette Cake

A friend of mine recently turned 40 and as a surprise her husband commissioned a cake. He wanted to celebrate her love of music and the mixed tape was his inspiration. Those of you who are under 30 will need to do a bit of googling now to get up to speed on the cassette tape, the pre-cursor to the CD. The first album I bought back in 1982 (it was bought with my first paycheck!) was on cassette, I wish I could remember the name of the band but the cassette I remember! And then there was the mixed tape, a tape put together for a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend of all the great music you loved and wanted to share with the world. These were always great fun to make and I remember taping songs from the radio and trying to cut it off before the DJ began talking! Ah, memories. Anyway, that was my starting point, the cassette.

I remember cassettes but brought up some images online just to refresh the memory and get some inpiration, my husband also owns some still so I could look at one in real too.


This Sony cassette was my starting point, fairly simple design, just a few colours, should be easy to replicate. The cake itself was chocolate, 9in x 7in, covered in black fondant and detailing in red and white. In a way, a fairly easy one to do.

Using my Silverwood Multisize cake tin I baked two 9 x 7 chocolate sponges and allowed them to cool completely before putting them in the freezer for 30 minutes. This just helps with icing the cake making it easier to handle and doesn’t effect the cake at all. Using chocolate buttercream I sandwiched the layers together and added a crumb coat of icing to seal in the cake and help to give a smooth finish when the fondant is added. The cake goes in the fridge for about 30 minutes and then it is ready for it’s full buttercreaming.




Now the cake was ready for it’s fondant. To get the white central part of the tape I cut out a piece of white fondant to size and put this in place on the cake. I then rolled out the black fondant large enough to cover the whole cake and put it in place. Using the white fondant as a guide I cut around it and pulled off the black fondant to expose the white window. Then it was just a matter of adding the details and lettering. I was having a clumsy day so suffice it to say it wasn’t the neatest cake that I have made but I was happy in the end.




My friend was very happy with the result and that means a job well done!


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  1. It looks great! I got my first cassette in 1982 too. Which is easy for me to remember as it was called 1982: Out of the Blue (a sort of Now That’s What I Call Music for Australia).

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