Happy 2015!

Hello all and welcome to 2015. The beginning of a new year is a chance for reflection on the old and looking forward to the new. 2014 was a year of change and new starts and saw the early steps of Cakes & Cardies into the world of selling cakes to the general public. Although the start has been slow it has also been heartening and encouraging. The highlights being selling cakes to local Cafe/Deli Bambuni and participating the the £3Bazaar in Nunhead before Christmas.

Looking forward to 2015 means a lot of work to get the business known in wider circles, more cafes selling our cakes and selling at markets. And so the work begins today with along list to get through: research into local markets, how to reach more customers, samples to cafes, new cakes and therefore recipe testing and much more. Here’s hoping 2015 will see C&C reach new customers, new heights and new cakes!

And finally, the last cake of 2014, a Buche de Noel/Yule log that went to a very good home!


Look out for the first cake of 2015, a retro cassette cake……

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