Cakegate and Other News

One story keeps coming up this week, the bakery in Northern Ireland who refused to make a cake for a Support Gay Marriage campaign (with Bert and Ernie on top, always had my suspicions about them!). Lots of points of view from both sides. I’m not sure that cake is the forum for such a debate although it does get people talking at least. Janet Street Porter’s article in the Independent seemed to me to have the most sensible take on the whole thing. Tolerance is the order of the day here, “christian” should mean tolerance and acceptance of all and leave cake out of it!

Given the popularity of animals doing silly things videos this one made me giggle, mini cake for a hedgehog’s birthday!

As we (well me really!) wait for the new series of Great British Bake Off it was interesting to read about the winner of the Irish edition of the show, It’s not all plain sailing after a win, but I guess it’s helpful to have it under your belt!

This week I have decided to make another bread starter (I did have one on the go for a couple of years but it seems to have died on me). Last week on one of my web trawling sessions (surfing I think it is called!) I came across this great blog The World of Sweets Diary. It is part of The World of Sweets Bakery and a lot of the blogs are about bread making, sourdough in particular. As I was reading the blog a pop up kept appearing in the bottom right hand corner offering step by step advise on how to make your own starter. I duly signed up and have received my first three emails (what you need, step one (water and fruit mixed), step two (observe water and fruit ferment over about 6 days). I have just completed step one and have instagramed it, here’s the link. Look out for more fermenting fruit pictures in the week ahead.


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