An Afternoon at Foyles

Have you been to the new Foyles on Charing Cross Road yet? It re-opened about two weeks ago in the old St Martin’s building and boasts five floors of literary and academic joy, well to a book person like me anyway! Yesterday I spent a very pleasant few hours with a friend browsing the new shop and sampling the new cafe on the fifth floor.

We met in the cookery section (obviously!) and one thing I noticeed about the new batch of cookery books is that they are on the whole jacketless, the publishers using the book boards as part of the design of the book. Coming from a publishing/bookseller background it is always interesting to me the trends that book covers go through, I like to call it the Longitude effect. Do you remember when this was published, about 10 years ago? It was published as a small hardback, unusual at the time and it became a bestseller. For a few years after every quirky non-fiction book came out in that format! If it works…. Anyway, I stopped myself buying any cookery books as my shelves are already full (as you will see in the near future!).

Unfortunately, I didn’t make it out without buying a book, much to my husband’s distress (he can’t quite cope with my book obsession). I bought The Kills by Richard House (longlisted for last years Man Booker) and a Man Ray autobiography (something I have had my eye on for a while). They have been added to my book queue.





We had a coffee and a bun (chelsea in my case, scone in my friends case) in the cafe which has just opened. They had an interesting array of cakes: beetroot and seed cake, carrot, chocolate, brownies, meringues etc. They all looked homemade, in a good way! The seating is a mixture of benches and tables quite industrial in their feel partnered with lovely retro 60s chairs. All in all a good vibe.

We rounded off the afternoon with a couple of Aperol Spritzs at Ape & Bird, very nice indeed.

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