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As mentioned in the previous post, I have a commission for a Peppa Pig cake for my friends’ 2 year old son. He’s a big fan and his older sister thinks that it is the right cake for him! She has given me my instructions, Peppa Pig shape and a chocolate cake, can’t argue with a girl who knows her mind!

The cake isn’t a problem, well it’s the easiest part of the project. The shape has been worrying me over the last few weeks. How to make a Peppea Pig shape? At first I thought I would buy a Peppa Pig mask and use that as the template for the shape but then I decided I could go all Blue Peter on the project and do it myself…..but no inside of toilet rolls here. I found a picture of the pig online and printed it out, but it wasn’t big enough. So the next problem was how to re-size the picture to make a decent size cake? After a bit of research I discovered the grid system. Used in art to copy pictures and resize them this seemed like my solution albeit a solution that depended on me drawing!

The first step was to draw gridlines on my picture, I decided to use 1.5cm squares for this:



On a piece of parchment paper I drew another grid but this time the squares were 3cm squared, therefore doubling the size of the picture. Now all I had to do was copy the image from each square onto the bigger squares et voila you have doubled the size of Peppa. I only wanted her head and here is the finished article:



All ready to place over the cake to cut out Peppa! I will be making the cake next week so will let you know the outcome, I think this was probably a lot easier than cutting out the shape on the cake but we shall see. Hopefully once she is covered in pink icing it hide a multitude!




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