A Room of One’s Own

All this going out on my own business has got me thinking about why I am doing this, why put myself through a lot of hard work at my age (not ancient but turning 50 this year)? It has got me thinking about my life and what it means to me now and in 20 or 30 years time when I look back at what I have achieved. We all want to leave our mark on life, make some impression on the universe, leave a bit of ourselves in the people that are left behind. I can’t do that with children as most people do so what is it all about then? A bit deep and meaningful for this cake blog I hear you say but nonetheless valid questions and searchings. Don’t get me wrong, this is not about the big and bold it is about living a life that you can be proud of, a life where you have taken all the chances you are given and used them as wisely as you can.

It is about the small things. Sharing your life with people that you love, that someone special, friends and family, waking up every day and looking forward to getting on with it, taking the bad with the good, capturing wonderful moments. These moments all build up to make a happy life, we hope. So Cakes & Cardies is about me and what I want to do now, something that is just for me, something that I can work on and build up to become a part of my life, another moment to capture.

Ok, enough already I hear you say, what is going on here?  I guess writing about setting up the business means that you may have to listen to some of my thoughts on life, the universe and everything! It won’t happen too often, I promise, I don’t sit around thinking about this stuff all the time but sometimes it just surfaces and that happened this week as I started to prepare a space for me to work in (that isn’t the dining room table!).

Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own was published in 1929 and was about the need for women writers to have both a literal and figurative place  to write. I remembered this book as I started to clear out our back bedroom with the intention of making it into an office/workroom for me. A lot less lofty work will take place in my room but I am really looking forward to having a room that I can go to every day where I am surrounded by all of my stuff, cake business stuff but also all my craft stuff (wool, material, sewing machine etc). This will be my space to retreat to, to work in, to create in.

The back bedroom has become a bit of a storeroom in the last year or so, everything that we are not using or don’t need has ended up in there. The first job was to sort through all the junk. A lot of it was my husbands, he is a hoarder of electronic things. Old computer screens, laptops, cables for what I don’t know, the list goes on. “You never know when you will need some of this” Ok but in the meantime we need to put it somewhere and after a bit of nagging he moved it all over the weekend. There was a chest/table in there too that came from my previous house but there isn’t any space for it here so I put it on ebay last week. It sold and was collected on Monday.

Now that the room was clear I could think about what I wanted to put in there. I would need a desk and chair, storage and that was it really to begin with. For storage I turned to Ikea, always good to turn to in these situations. One metal shelving unit and four plastic storage boxes later I was all set. It all arrived on Monday so my afternoon was sorted. I put the shelves together (the instructions said that there should be two people but I managed all on my own!) and then started working through all the various bags of wool, material, needles that have been lying around the house in various rooms. How therapeutic it is to go through things and throw out stuff that you know you will never use, nothing like a good clearout.


The room was ready now for the desk, which I bought on ebay over the weekend and we collected yesterday. From today I have my space and can add to it as time goes on but for the moment it has everything I need and the rest is up to me.



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